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Welcome to Container Lifts Shipping Services Limited, your gateway to a world of efficient and reliable shipping solutions. We specialize in providing a diverse range of premium containers, tailored to meet your unique cargo needs. 

10 Ft Containers

Compact Powerhouse: Our 10ft Shipping Containers offer versatility in a compact footprint. 

10 FT Shipping Container

20 Ft Containers

With durability and security at their core, these containers offer a streamlined and reliable option for your shipping needs.

20 Ft shipping container

30 Ft Containers

Efficient, durable, and ready to meet your cargo requirements. Explore the convenience of our 30 ft containers today.



of your container or containers on time, at the agreed price and condition, provided that stock is available “as expected” at the time of commitment. If the delivery does not meet the agreed deadline, we will credit your delivery charge up to a maximum value of $150+GST.

Why You Should Buy From Us!

  1. Quality Assurance: Our shipping containers undergo rigorous inspections, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability for your cargo.

  2. Diverse Selection: From standard to specialized containers, we offer a comprehensive range to suit varied shipping and storage needs.

  3. Customization Expertise: Tailor containers to your unique specifications with our expert customization options, turning your vision into reality.

  4. Global Reach, Local Commitment: While we serve clients worldwide, our personalized service ensures a local touch, making your experience seamless and efficient.

  5. Environmental Responsibility: Join us in promoting sustainability. Our commitment to reusing and repurposing containers contributes to a greener, eco-friendly solution.

  6. Customer-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority. Our responsive team is dedicated to understanding and exceeding your expectations at every step.

Shipping Containers for Storage

  1. One of the most common uses for shipping containers is for on-site storage. We supply:

    • One-Trip (new) containers. These have been used just once since manufacture to ship goods over to the UK from China. These offer a lifetime of secure storage use. Other non-standard specifications are also available with additional vents to reduce condensation, as well as other insulation and condensation treatments.
    • Refurbished containers. These used shipping containers get a lockbox fitted and a fresh coat of paint for a smarter appearance.
    • Used shipping containers. These second-hand shipping containers have typically been used for around 15 years in the shipping industry. For storage use they are still very solid and can offer many good years of secure dry storage and can be customised to meet your requirements e.g. cladding, windows, doors
    • Non standard storage containers of various sizes and grades to match specific requirements.
    • Professional grade storage containers including standard dry units with lights & lock boxes if required plus refrigerated and freezer containers available to buy and hire.

Customised Shipping Containers

  1. As well as supplying standard shipping containers we can also help with:

    • Access to professional container refurbishment operations experienced in catering to individual projects.
    • Customised container bars, shops, office units, living accommodation, exhibition stands, Santa’s grottos, showers, undersea wind turbine foundation structures, custom art and design work.
    • Custom alterations such as side doors, windows, lighting and electrical points.

    In fact, almost anything is possible, so please get in touch and we will be happy to help you with all aspects of customising a container from design right through to construction to meet your requirements.

Shipping Containers For Export

If you need to export goods abroad then shipping containers are the logical choice. We provide:

  • New build dry containers available with a 5 year CSC plate – single orders or low volumes usually available for immediate delivery, larger orders (20+) will be professionally sourced and sent out.
  • A range of second-hand standard dry containers of all sizes that come guaranteed to be wind and water tight. As well as being CSC plated or ACEP approved for deep sea shipment for a minimum of 3 months from the date of purchase (often more, longer plate validity can also be arranged by request).
  • Access to fleets of shipping containers for hire and return to the UK, as well as specialist one way container hire service from the UK to many other destinations globally.
  • Stocks of specialist new and used open top, side opening, flat rack and refrigerated containers.
  • New and used seaworthy containers sourced directly from depots in many locations globally.
  • Quotes and payments accepted in US$ and Euros for containers sourced outside of the UK.
  • Full VAT reclaim support for containers sourced that then leave the EU, and a guarantee that we will refund the VAT within 5 working days after proof of export has been provided.


As our name suggests – we don’t like to be beaten on price. We are committed to providing quality products at a market leading prices. We cannot guarantee to be the cheapest every time, but if you have a written quote in that is better than ours please challenge us to match or beat it!

Single Point Of Contact

We offer a single point of contact from first call to delivery and beyond. No being passed around to other departments. The same person who picks up the phone to help you will book your order and delivery and ensure that what you’re promised arrives as you want and when you want.

Industry Experience

Our staff have the combined experience of over 20k containers delivered and our knowledge is second to none. We work closely with a wide range of partners to ensure a consistent, well presented service from helping you choose a container to ensuring delivery goes exactly to plan.


Nothing is impossible! Our operation is set up to accommodate short notice or emergency demands. We operate a nationwide network of container hauliers offering all types of delivery and we believe we are unrivalled in our ability to help with emergency or specialised deliveries.


We want to help you long after you have purchased a container from us. We can assist with ongoing shipping container maintenance, repairs or modifications either on-site or at our depots. We are even happy to part exchange your old rusty shipping containers for new ones!

Guarantee & Returns

All containers we sell (new, used, refurbished, flat pack or sheds) come with a minimum 12 month guarantee against leaks or natural defects. All our seaworthy containers will come with a minimum 6-month CSC plate approval for export use. Everything is professionally checked and repaired before sale.